Vickey Aubrey’s Community Assistance Fund for Cats

Vickey Aubrey was a cat lover and a supporter of APA. When she died in 2019 she left a donation to APA. APA has been looking for a way to honor Vickey’s memory in a meaningful way. We originally created a Food Pantry in Vickey’s honor but we didn’t have high demand for food and what demand we had could be met with food donations that we can’t use at the shelter and our salvage food donations. In January 2021 we decided to change the scope of Vickey’s Fund to provide emergency services to those in need. 

APA will set aside $5,000 per year from Vickey’s donation to help those in need. Our primary goal is to help families spay/neuter their cats and get necessary vaccinations, tests and a microchip. The fund will also help provide medical care and food for their cats. Our community assistance funds for 2022 have been spent. You can make a donation to help with the 2023 fund.

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