Vickey Aubrey’s Food Pantry for Cats

APA is proud to announce the creation of Vickey Aubrey’s Food Pantry for Cats! Vickey was a cat lover and a supporter of APA. When she passed away in 2019, she left our shelter kitties a generous donation in her will. We have been looking for a way to honor Vickey’s memory, and launching this food pantry now to help the cat owners in our community who have been affected by COVID-19 seems like the perfect way. The calls are already coming in for food donations, and we can’t bear to say no to these people knowing they can’t care for their beloved cats.

APA is using $5,000 of Vickey’s donation to get the food pantry up and running. If you’re interested in supporting Vickey Aubrey’s Food Pantry for Cats, you can do so by clicking on the DONATE button at the top of our website. Just indicate your donation is for the food pantry in the “special instructions to seller.”

While the COVID-19 crisis is ongoing, we will use the money in the food pantry fund to ship food directly to people’s homes via online services such as or This way we mitigate the risk of human-to-human contact. Once conditions improve, we plan to take in-kind food donations and distribute in-person as well to reduce costs and increase the impact we make. As we get started with the food pantry, we are also limiting this service to Clark County to ensure our neighbors receive the aid they need.

The cats of our community are counting on us. Please help us respond.