Our Mission

APA is one of the only all volunteer no-kill cat shelters in the Southern Indiana and Louisville area. Our mission is to rescue and find homes for the forgotten cats and kittens in our area – the ones who are homeless, abandoned and mistreated. We believe all cats deserve the chance to live, love and be loved. We give every treatable, savable, rehabilitatable cat the second chance it deserves. We serve as their voice in the community.

In pursuing our mission we will:

  • Never euthanize cats due to lack of space or length of stay. As a no-kill shelter, no healthy cats are ever euthanized. We make sure all sick and injured cats get vetted no matter what the problem.
    We do not screen intakes of cats due to age, whether or not they are FIV positive, or their breed.
    A cat is euthanized only if it is suffering and all avenues have been exhausted in an effort to improve its health. It takes two APA Leadership Team members to agree on euthanization.
    For this reason, space is at a premium and we are not able to admit all cats at all times. We do promote them on our social media sites. Some of our residents will be with us for a short time waiting for their new family to adopt them and some will wait years for their new family. Quite frankly, some of our cats will be with us for the remainder of their lives due to medical or behavioral issues.
    For them, APA is their furever home. Regardless of how long a cat is with APA, they are all safe, loved and well cared for until they either go to their furever home or cross the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Advocate for cats. We provide for their safety and comfort, strive to alleviate their suffering and work to place them in homes that provide a responsible lifetime commitment to them.
    We work to educate the potential adopters on the need to have a plan to care for their cats in case something should happen to them and to understand that FIV positive cats can live long healthy lives and co-exist with non-FIV cats.
  • Oppose all forms of animal cruelty.
  • Promote spaying and neutering to help achieve a no-kill community.
  • Consider TNR as an option, even though we recognize it is not ideal. It is the only humane way to decrease the number of cats being euthanized or placed in shelters.

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