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Founded in 1999, APA is an all volunteer, no-kill rescue for homeless cats and kittens only. What does that really mean? How is APA different from other shelters in the area?

APA has no paid staff. We are staffed by highly committed, unpaid volunteers.

As a no-kill shelter, no healthy animals are ever euthanized. We make sure all sick and injured animals get vetted no matter what the problem. We do not screen intakes of cats due to age, whether or not they are FIV positive, or their breed. We never euthanize a cat due to overcrowding. A cat is euthanized only if it is suffering and all avenues have been exhausted in an effort to improve its health. It takes two APA Leadership Team members to agree on euthanization.

Some of our residents will be with us for a short time waiting for their new family to adopt them and some will wait years for their new family. Quite frankly, some of our cats will be with us for the remainder of their lives due to medical or behavioral issues. For them, APA is their furever home. Regardless of how long a cat is with APA, they are all safe, loved and well cared for until they either go to their furever home or cross the Rainbow Bridge.

You may wonder why APA is an all cat shelter. Looking around the area you will see there are many dog rescues, all of which are fantastic, but there aren’t any all cat rescues in the area. That’s where APA felt they could have the biggest impact. Last year we cared for more than 100 kittens and at any given time we have 90 – 100 adult cats in the shelter, in foster care or at the PetSmart adoption center.

As a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, all expenses are paid with monies raised through our thrift store, Purr-fect Treasuresdonations and fundraising events.

APA’s 2024 Leadership Team

President – Vicki Clark

Treasurer – Terry Taflinger

Secretary – Beth Rueschhoff

Fundraising Manager – Christina Massie

Communications Manager – Denise Koenig

Shelter Volunteer Manager  – Cindy Ehringer

PetSmart Volunteer Manager  – Tracy Barrett 

Volunteer Recruiter – Janelle Fitzpatrick                                                  

APA’s 2024 Board of Directors

Chairperson – Vicki Clark

Secretary – Ryan Church

Dan Crompton

Jackie Means

Celebrating 20 Years of Saving Lives

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