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Declawing: Bungee’s Tale

Declawing and cats have gone hand-in-hand (or paw-in-paw) for years and years. Many people have had their cats declawed as part of the spay/neuter procedure for their entire lives and never thought twice about it — it’s just what you do. Unfortunately, something so many take for granted as “no big deal” can have major […]

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There’s More to Me Than FIV

For years, APA has been an advocate for cats and kittens of all types and special needs. One segment we’re most passionate about are the kitties positive for FIV. Buster, a gorgeous, affectionate tabby boy was one such kitty. Found as a stray, Buster was in rough shape when he first came to us, scrawny […]

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A Message from APA President Vicki Clark

If anything happened to you, what would happen to your cats? You love your cats, right? You’d do anything for them. You feed them good food, give them a good warm place to live, shower them with love and provide vet care when they are sick. But, have you thought about what happens to your […]

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