Bylaws & Policies


APA has adopted this set of Bylaws which outlines how we govern our members and regulate our operation.


APA Policy on Returning Stray Cats

If your cat/kitten is running loose and is brought into our shelter as a stray, there will be fees to reclaim your cat. The sooner we can establish ownership and return your cat, the lower your fees will be.  Identification tags, rabies tags, medical records and microchip information can all speed up the process and enable your pet to be returned home as quickly as possible. 

APA will hold the stray cat for 48 hours to see if the owner comes forward. After that, we will put the cat up for adoption. 

When the cat first comes to us we will provide the following medical care:

  • Test for FIV and FeLV: $18.49
  • Flea preventative: $12.80
  • Wormer: $10.24
  • Vaccinations (Rabies and FVRC): $19.19

Should you want to reclaim your cat, you will be responsible for the fees incurred by APA and daily boarding fees.

APA Fees:

Per day boarding fee: $10.00

Spay/neuter if needed: $65.00

Microchip: $10.95

Subsequent vet costs to be determined on a case by case basis

If you have found a stray cat or kitten that you want APA to take in, please complete our Stray Surrender Form.

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