Fostering cats

APA’s mission is to rescue and find homes for the forgotten cats and kittens in our area – the ones who are homeless, abandoned and mistreated. Our mission is well known in the community because there’s not a day that goes by without a call, email or Facebook message -or all three-  about kittens who need to be rescued or cats who need to be rehomed.

We would absolutely love to be able to say yes to all these inquiries but as a small, independent, self-funded, all-volunteer organization we are limited by two major factors: the funds that we can raise and the number of fosters we have available to provide a home for the kittens and adult cats.

Fosters are such an important part of APA. Because we are not able to house kittens at the shelter, we are always looking for experienced fosters who know what is involved in fostering kittens. Sometimes the kittens will come to us with their mother who can nurse them and take care of them. Sometimes the kittens will come to us just hours or days old and they have lost their mother and need to be syringe fed every two hours. 

We know fostering kittens isn’t for everyone. We also need fosters for adults with special medical conditions or senior cats who just do not thrive in a shelter environment.

APA provides all necessary supplies including food, litter and veterinary care. All you need to do is provide a temporary home and love. 

Most of our foster caregivers work full time and have pets of their own. Many families enjoy fostering because of the wonderful lessons it teaches children. 

We encourage you to consider fostering for APA and see how you can personally make a difference in a cat or kitten’s life. If you are interested in being a foster, please click the link and complete our form to get started.

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