2023 Calendar


Last year APA took in 270 cats and kittens. We feel like we saved their lives by taking them off the street. We certainly stopped a huge number of unwanted kittens from being born in the future. By spaying and neutering just one male and one female cat, more than 2,000 unwanted births can be prevented in just four years and more than 2 million can be prevented in 8 years! FYI: The current cost to neuter one cat is $70 and the cost to spay one cat is $85.

Just in time for holiday gift-giving, our friends at Frame It! in Sellersburg have produced a 2023 calendar featuring a number of our mama cats and kittens from this past year. The cost is $12 per calendar if you buy it at one of the locations below or $16 to have it mailed to you. This calendar is a perfect way to introduce your family and friends to the work we do at APA.

By purchasing one of these calendars, you will help care for the 270+ cats who come to us each year and you will help us fulfill our mission to rescue and find homes for the forgotten cats and kittens in our area – the ones who are homeless, abandoned and mistreated. We believe all cats deserve the chance to live, love and be loved. We give every treatable, savable, rehabilitatable cat the second chance it deserves. We serve as their voice in the community.

You can purchase a calendar at one of these locations:

  • Purr-Fect Treasures Thrift Store, 146 Spring Street, Jeffersonville
  • APA shelter, 703 E. 11th Street Jeffersonville Saturdays from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Frame It! Sellersburg, 125 E. Utica St., Sellersburg

You can also order your calendar online. We mail it to you for an additional $4 postage bringing the total cost to $16.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Fabulous Felines of APA!

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