APA Kitty Shower 2020 – Social Distancing Style

Spring is in the air and for the past few years that has meant the annual APA Kitty Shower. Due to COVID-19 we have made some changes to this event. To promote social distancing, and try to keep people safe, the shower has been moved online this year. And, we’ve expanded the shower to include all of the Fabulous Felines of APA because all the kitties are in need right now, not just the kittens.

We are showing you a few pics of some of our newest kitties and, as always, you can see all of our family at apa-pets.org/adopt.

The online Kitty Shower is open April 17 – May 16. You can participate

a number of ways. We set up a Wish List at Amazon and Walmart for your convenience:

Amazon Wish List

Walmart Wish List

And, as always, we welcome your cash donations. You can donate via the APA website at apa-pets.org and select the DONATE button at the top of the page or you can donate directly via Paypal. Our email address is animalprotectionapa@gmail.com.

With our fundraising events shut down our revenue stream is shut off. Kitties like Bosley and Kate are really counting on your support.