About the APA

The Animal Protection Association (APA) was organized in August of 1999.  It is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization that operations solely on monies from donations, fund raising and proceeds from our new Thrift Store.

The mission of APA is to rescue and secure good homes for stray and abandoned animals, promote humane education in local schools and community to prevent cruelty to animals through spay/neuter programs.  We are a no-kill shelter.

APA's headquarters and Shelter is located at 702 East 11th Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  The use of this facility is leased and only cats can be housed there. Our dogs are in foster care and we need foster parents.

In the past 12 years APA has rescued and adopted over 3,400 cats, dogs, birds and rabbits to loving homes. Before placing these animals all were spayed or neutered, vaccinated and tested for heartworms and leukemia. Since we are a no-kill shelter, no healthy animals are ever euthanized. We have an outreach program at Feeder's Supply and PetSmart in Clarksville for adoptions.  Feeders Supply and Kentucky Humane Society and also sponsors APA in one of our biggest fund raising projects "Picture Your Pet with Santa".  APA routinely assists people with spay/neuter vouchers, vet bills, medicine and food as we can.

APA's biggest asset is its body of volunteers.  There are over 60 dedicated and giving people who give our animals so much more than basic care. We are extremely blessed in finding quality people. Volunteers go to each location every morning and evening.  They clean cages, pet and groom the cats as well as answer phone calls.

702 East 11th Street • Jeffersonville, IN 47130 • 812.283.6555